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i'm miss laue lamb, self-proclaimed goddess of an imaginary cult of desert-frolicking, flower-fornicating wild children of the haunted, underwater crystal gardens. i worship buddha, pulchritude, syncretism, & the big glitter in the sky.

baby unicorn ☆
It’s so hard to leave my bed
I’m wearing a precious outfit, but I’m too long to capture it and the colors don’t translate. Oh well, here are the tights!
"I simply did not know a thing about my darling’s mind. And quite possibly, behind the awful, juvenile cliches, there was in her a garden and a twilight, and a palace gate, dim and adorable regions which happened to be lucidly and absolutely forbidden to me, and my polluted rags and miserable convulsions."
Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov

The warm weather makes you yawn between noon and evening.

♡ Birthday Girl ♡ lOll3 (2014)

DEGEN FW14 eye sweatshirt


My lunch & dessert today at Sanrio Puroland, the Hello Kitty amusement park, in Tokyo, Japan.

I’m saving up my tips to go to Tokyo someday soon and this is going on the list!!!

(via sugar-honey-iced-tea)

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