Anonymous: you're not vegan though

i assume you’re referring to the “hail seitan” t-shirt i reblogged.

just because i’m not hardcore vegan doesn’t mean i can’t support it or support the vegan ideal…

i live a 90% raw vegan lifestyle.  sometimes i eat fish.  yes.  so sue me.  sometimes i put cream in my tea.  yes.  so sue me.  sometimes i eat honey.  yes.  so sue me.  i’m really proud of myself for eating mostly raw vegan.  i never intended to go all the way.  in fact, my goal was to be 75% raw vegan & 25% pescetarian, so i’m exceeding even that.  it’s been really hard, so i reward myself with little treats now and again.

now everyone needs to stop being silly, please.  i’m not going to defend myself anymore on this.

  1. delamontagne said: I get so tired of people judging each other on stuff like this. Somehow whenever we try to make an effort to support something or make things a little better people feel the need to bring us down by telling us it’s not good enough and or useless.
  2. magicktrance said: preach
  3. chocolateoatmilk said: i think that it’s wonderful that you make an effort to eat vegan when you can and want to. you don’t have to be really strict to make a difference.
  4. paintingsofdogs said: why are people even so concerned with your eating habits I DON’T GET IT
  5. mensfrightsactivist said: honestly, i’m a “strict” vegan, but honey is really irrelevant. the only reason i tend to avoid it is because the idea of bee vomit is kind of gross. but i have no moral problems with honey. (way to miss the point of this entire response amanda oops)
  6. zakliatie said: oh i am just like you… I’m glad to know I’m not the only one… I’ve always felt guilt….
  7. biscodeja-vu said: It is all the time! Who cares! What could possibly have benefited this person by those like 4 words…NO point!
  8. nnympheas said: how is honey considered not vegan again? sorry if thats dumb but i wouldn’t think that….
  9. boneshard said: vegan here backing up glitterbomb because it’s not about perfection its about effort. you do what you can.
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